I love summer for many reason but I hate a lot of things within it.

The wood ticks are NOPE, NOT HAVIN THAT and the annoying flies and mosquitos are too frustrating.

My Birthday is during the summer though which is good but anytime before my birthday I barely hangout with people because I am too lazy to call and I just sit at home and do nothing, but I do try to go to Winnipeg during the summer because I like those car rides.

The only bad thing about my birthday is that it is a week before school so whatever I get I have like no time to use it before school, where I have to do work and such.

The Most Annoying Type of Gank

So in the Dark souls series 2 vs 1 situations are known as ganking, and I will explain to you different types of them and what I think of them.

The most annoying gank is, SPELL SPAMMERS. why? why must these annoying people with low intelligence in real life but probably 99 in the game because all of them spam and I almost get killed in one hit by them.

These people ruin ganking but I now have profound still which stops these dumb spammers from casting so then they run in terror because they are useless and look like rats running but I always like to try and win.


Returning to the 360…

So I returned to my Xbox 360 because I ran out of psn+ to play online on my ps4 and while playing my 360 I got a friend request from this guy because I beat him in Dark Souls 2 so I went with him to play and he is a person with a short temper because I had to change my online preference to appear offline because I don’t even have time to breathe when I go online on my xbox 360 because he invites me instantly and he saw my invasion sign on the ground so he was mad and was sending me messages telling my to fight him but I simply didn’t want to so he was calling me stuff that normal people could have taken to offence but I wasn’t offended and I just decided to fight him because he was being cocky and when I did, I COMPLETELY DESTROYED HIM AND HIS FRIENDS TO THE POINT WHERE I AM NOW HIS RIVAL BUT TO ME, he is a person I can test my weapons on because he is so bad at the game but I personally hate him because this guy is such a baby, I was just hitting him in the game for fun and he was getting saltier than me when I play Call of Duty..

Salva Dut

223536952_1280x720Salva Dut is the president and founder of water for south sudan. He is the inspiration for the organization to build wells that give safe water to South Sudan which is one of the world” poorest regions.

Salva Dut in 1985, was an 11 year old boy who was one of the 17,000 “Lost Boys of Sudan”. Those boys were boys who left the country’s southern region while the two decade civil war and during the time when the boys left, many died from hunger, thirst, disease and military and wild animal attacks. Salva was one of the lucky survivors and he went to Ethiopia and then Kenya.

In 1990 he was a teenager and he led about 1,500 Lost Boys from Ethiopia across hundreds of miles through Sudan to the United Nations Kakuma refugee camp.  Salva lived in the barbed wire closed camp for almost six years.

In 1996 under the U.S. state department and united nations about 3,800 of the Lost boys with Salva came to the U.S. while others went to Australia and Canada. More Information Here.


In 20 Years…

In twenty years I have no idea what will happen but I either want to become an engineer or a basketball player because engineers make quite a bit of money and I just like the idea of being one. As for a basketball player I want to be one because ever since I was little I have liked basketball and I have a lot of fun playing and practicing it. Before that, I have to go to college and work hard to get where I want to be because an easy life won’t just fall into my hands. I am not planning to have kids because it’d be nice to actually have money.

But in twenty years a lot can happen so it really is unpredictable but I will try to complete my goals and get a good life but that isn’t guaranteed.

If I don’t become an engineer or basketball player I will probably just work with my dad in his curtain business. He is buying it from one of his friends who is retiring, I don’t exactly know how but the guy that is retiring used to make $500,000-$1,000,000 a year and I don’t think you can get a curtain manufacturing license anymore.



I Went Back on the Xbox 360…

So yesterday I went back on my Xbox 360,

I went back onto Dark Souls 2 because I haven’t went on it for a while and jeez I am extremely rusty at the game, I am still better than a lot of the people that play but I am bad compared to how I was before.

I also went to play MW3 and that, I hated that, mostly because I used to snipe but now I am used to  Bo3 which involves wall running and sliding and thrusting through the air so I felt so disabled on these cods but I like these old cods. Every time I tried to do anything, I got killed by C4… I can’t believe those people still play these games honestly…

At that point I just gave up and went to go do something else, I thought the 360 would be somewhat fun but noooo.

Personal Blog Post April #4

During the summer I want to start cleaning out peoples eavestrough”s and cut people’s lawns with a friend to get money but i don’t want to do that right now because i don’t know which friend will want to and it is still all wet in everybody’s yard. i can probably swim in some parts of my yard. i want a way to get money during the summer though because i like working for the things that i want.

It will be fun and make me work hard, which i like to do and then i will actually be busy during the summer.

Earth Day Blog Post: Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is an amazing mountain in France and It is the highest and most iconic mountain in western Europe, This mountain is also on the border between France and Italy.

This mountain has very narrow pathways and some people take the harder paths rather than the easier ones. There are people who go up and down the mountain for a living to take tourists and it must be amazing to summit. This mountain has an enormous slope of snow and ice and it is said and shown in this video that the summit gives an amazing view. (Video).

For my personal opinion I think that this mountain is pretty cool and it would be cold but I would enjoy that amazing view if I made it to the top and perhaps, I can go there.

I don’t know everything about this mountain but from what i do know, it seems really cool so check out the video and find out even more and also, you get to see the mountain more and there are people like, runners, skiers and tour guides throughout the mountain. This mountain is pretty cold but according to all of the people that have went on it, the view is absolutely amazing and it looks even better with the sunset.

Personal Blog Post April #3

I was watching gameplay of Dark Souls 3 and it looks pretty hard and that makes me want to play it even more but once again i didn’t have the game when it came out and i love getting these types of games so that i can play around with the most overpowered things in the game and be able to tell people tha i have used those overpowered weapons before they were nerfed.

This game does look really fun so i have to save up money to buy this game but i just need to find a way to get enough money…

Personal Blog Post Apr. #2

I finally got my internet back!!!

I wasn’t even home when I got it back, I was at Aaron’s house but when I got back, I worked on my math and then started playing video games. It was double cryptokeys (they are things that you get so that you can open a supply drop which is a chance of getting things like camos or special weapons) and I was playing pretty much all day but got absolutely nothing…

I don’t even know why I missed having internet, that game makes me so mad, but at least its something to do.